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Low cost web design for individuals and organisations in Bath and the South West

You might think there are only two options

when considering a website…

We try to offer the best of both worlds:

But with prices starting at £299 all inclusive

1. The ‘DIY’ approach.   Create your own using the big corporates who advertise on TV.  The benefit is price - but there are drawbacks.  To keep prices low, homogenisation is key and individuality the enemy.  You have to shoe-horn yourself into a template used by hundreds or even thousands of others, so it’s difficult to get something exactly as you want it; something that feels ‘right’ and unique for you or your organisation.  

And you have to learn the design interface.  Even for the IT savvy, this can be frustrating and time consuming.  If you’re a professional charging- say - £40 an hour for your services.  You can quickly use hundreds of pounds worth of your time familiarising yourself with the software and tweaking the site. It’s the cost of spending time doing something you don’t specialise in rather than something you do.  

2. Use a professional agency.   Now the only drawback is price.  But you gain all the benefits of a bespoke design - a bit like going to Savile Row rather than M&S. A website is essentially a promotional tool, so using professionals offers huge benefits in terms of the priceless advice they provide around look and feel, what works visually and – importantly – their copywriting skills.  

      Plus of course you have the human relationship with the design company.

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